Saturday, 14 July 2012

Sweating the small stuff

In a similar vein to my last post one of the problems with weight loss and gain (and indeed tidyness) being made up of small events is that they can seem insignificant and so we let them slide.

The trouble is that they are insignificant in some respects, you can have a Mars bar occasionally and still lose weight and you don't have to put everything away instantly to have a tidy home, this was my point about weight loss not having to be perfect. But it is hard to know when to let things slide and when not, being overly rigid can seem bad (like not having a slice of wedding cake) but then we do have to do SOMETHING if we want to succeed.

I've probably more of a problem with this when it comes to tidying, I'm either super anal or a slob. Ah balance, that's what I need, that or a PA and a cleaner :)

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