Sunday, 29 July 2012


This is the night before my next weigh in and I am a bit worried. I accidentally had far too many calories on one day (misread the packaging) and went out for a Chinese with friends and ordered far too much and really went over the top by miles. I've exercised really well doing something on 6 out of 7 days but after ignoring my own advice, my sneaky peaks at the scales suggest I will not of lost a thing. Last week on my holiday I gained weight as well and it means I am probably going to fall behind my plan even further. I should have lost 6kg and I might still be sitting on 3.

I'm posting to try and make sense of this so I don't just give in. Firstly regardless of the force I apply to the earth's crust (my weight) I feel 100% more healthy than I did, I was really starting to feel like a slug. Last week's holiday involved some fairly hard climbs and although I had to stop a lot I know a few weeks earlier and I would have probably died.

Then there is the whole 30 week plan thing, it is motivating to set a goal like 30kg in 30 weeks but only if you are meeting the targets. I've got to do two things; firstly focus and be extra careful not to make stupid mistakes so that I have some chance of meeting my weekly target of 1kg. And secondly remember that the overall aim is to get fit and happy about how I look. I don't have to do that in exactly 30 weeks. If I give up then it will be far more than 30 weeks and possibly never.

I shall see tomorrow if my fears are true but in either case I have to follow the above advice.

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