Saturday, 14 July 2012

Note to self

Don't weigh yourself on the days leading up to the day you intend to actually weigh yourself, it does not help in any way!

Actually weighing yourself is always a pain as weight naturally fluctuates by amounts quite close to what we hope to lose each week. This means you can have a super week where you lose 0.5kg more than expected and a poor week where you lose 0.5kg less. The truth is you were just a bit dehydrated the first week and constipated the next.

So I'd advise weighing yourself once a week when you get up (after a pee is always best), I do it on a Monday because I get up early for work anyway. The point is that it is consistent, you can try and cheat by choosing a time of day when you think you are lightest but that only works once! At least in the morning you have not added random amounts of weight through drinking, just weigh yourself before and after a Coke, yep 500ml of coke weighs 0.5kg, half my weekly goal!

Then look at the trends, look at the average over a couple of weeks and adjust if you need to, don't make changes too quickly because the measurement of the change and our ability to follow a plan is not very accurate.

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