Sunday, 2 February 2014

What the hell

Just for the record although I have not been posting to this unread blog, I have been doing some stuff. Weekly 2 hr mountain bike rides of an evening, cycling to work and now lunch time hour long hikes. But to be honest "it's not working".

Probably all the food I am shovelling into my face.

Note to self, record intake no matter what, just think of it as data capture. It helps to see the patterns.

I also saw a TED talk where it was mentioned that trying to control your intake heavily can cause a slight indiscretion to turn into a binge. One way I am trying to avoid this is to have a calorie range to aim for, sure if I eat X calories a day I will lose 1kg but 1000 more and I maintain and 500 more and I lose 0.5kg. So perhaps aiming for the 0.5kg to 1kg range would be more helpful. That way if I go over my 1kg target it will not feel like all is lost.