Monday, 2 July 2012

Back walking and a bitter truth

I took my first walk this lunch time after my back problems of last week. I had intended to walk with some colleagues but missed them setting off, I then tried to catch up. I saw them in the distance a few times but they took a different route to me and I lost them only to see them again later even further in the distance. Still it made it a fantastic work out.

What struck me as I did my walk is that I could have been doing this since I started my job here in 2007. In my previous post in Chesterfield I found a great place to walk every lunchtime and did so without fail for 3 months. Here I was not so sure where to walk so I just didn't.

Best not to dwell on what could have been but instead try and learn something. It is obvious that there was always potential for walks but I didn't look for a solution, you have to make your fitness an immovable object that just HAS TO BE, with that attitude you find a way, I was looking for a perfect route on a plate.

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