Monday, 25 June 2012

Week 1/10 Part 1/3

Well my ticker shows no weight loss but that is not quite true, officially I lost 0.2kg. But actually I have no idea as last week I did not actually weigh myself I just knew roughly what I was.

Food wise things went pretty well except for going to a wedding which probably upped my consumption but I didn't fall in to the trap of writing off the whole week which is good. Exercise has started slowly, literally. I seemed to turn the whole of the bottom of my feet into blisters early in the week, had some good exercise on the dance floor on Saturday but last night pulled my back quite badly, struggling to walk standing up straight, hopefully that will subside.

I also altered my breakfast as I was lying to myself about how much milk I was putting on, I found a happy medium, I don't intend to measure it but I know what it looks like in the bowl, Weetabix are convenient for portion control, very quantum.

Next week will be the proof of the pudding, no excuses and no events with lots of lovely food. Weather is even turning nice.

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