Monday, 1 February 2016

Positive feedback

I was a slow starter at school, being at the bottom of the class meant it took me a long time before I connected my efforts with results, it really helps when you see the fruits of your labour.

Towards the end of my 8 week FB program I started to notice a few of these fruits and not just the number on the scale. Some trousers I bought but found too tight that had been sat in my car waiting for their return to the shop now fitted. And the fold up bed I used at my sister's place over Christmas did not cause my thighs to go numb when I slept on my side. I also found that even when my legs or arms ached after the previous days workout that after a warm up I could still use them and now 5 continuous days of exercise are (almost) not a problem. This positive feedback is motivating, it is a virtuous circle and it's really important to try and notice the changes. I think for example I am generally more energetic and mobile but to be honest it is hard to remember, my back has had no trouble and feels very strong, any niggles I get through knowing they are most likely muscular caused by the exercise, I relax, stretch and in a day or so they go like the pain in my legs.

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