Monday, 1 February 2016

Goal posts

I set my goal weight to the top end of normal. This is a weight that I have not been at for probably at least 16 years. It's a good goal and I will feel and look a lot better for it. As of now I have about 14kg to lose to get there. But to be in the middle of the healthy range I might be taking losing over 10kg more than that. This was a shock considering I have lost 16kg to get where I am. I had not realised just how much weight I am carrying around. It is more than my dumbbells with all the weights on (powerblock 2.4, I recommend).

But now I feel like I am becoming a different person, a fit person. I think I can do it. As more positive feedback comes in I'm hoping to use my new fitness, more mountain biking and adventures, snowboarding without so much pain, maybe surfing ... it's all positive feedback.

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