Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hello again

It turns out enough was not enough.

I wrote the last post full of good advice and then never looked at it again nor followed any of it. A lot is happening in my life at the moment, I was working during the day and then trying to sort out a potential business in the evening.

But what happened to the immovable object of diet and exercise? In particular watching your calorie intake does not actually require much effort, just an app. I even got a fancy new phone. It seems I got it into my head that if I couldn't do it all and perfectly I should not bother and also that a bit of work and stress was a good reason to pig out.

As it happens I have only put about 1kg on over the weeks, probably because I had broken my worst habits already.

Today I started using myfitnesspal again to record my calories. That was easy!

I might reset the old week counter, it is a bit pointless as it stands. No three parts but I will keep to the 10 week sets. 10 weeks it turns out goes by just like that!

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